Breeding and reproduction

As a breeding farm, our main activity is the reproduction and breeding of Arab and Anglo-Arab horses. Aiming for a sport horse, we carefully select our group of broodmares and stallions, relaying on proven genetics and choosing individuals with good conformation. 
For the breeding process, we have a permanent veterinarian in charge of our laboratory, where we collect and freeze semen. This allows us to choose naturally covering the mares or use artificial insemination with fresh, chilled or frozen semen.
 Our facilities allow us to safely perform the manual check and/or ultrasound, to follow a close control to the mares cycle and pregnancies, for our mares and also to the outsiders that come to our farm to be covered with our stallions. We also had incorporated techniques of embryo transfer, method that we use for older mares and mares during their sport careers. Our infrastructure is appropriate for rising healthily and naturally the foals, with instructed and experienced personnel. We particularly emphasize in the gently handling of the horses, aiming to develop trust and docility in them.