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Another victory for RO Castaño (aka CHA Shaham) in UAE!

RO CASTAÑO (renamed CHA SHAHAM), ridden by Ebraheim Ali Sabeel Abdulkareim Ali, won the CEN 120 KM Abu Dhabi Endurance Festival Cup, setting a new speed track record (Al Wathba, Abu Dhabi) for this distance, with a final average speed of 29.12 km/h!

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RO Generala, ridden by Massa Tonbakji, finished 8th for Rakna Endurance Stables, at the CEN 100 KM Sheik Zayed Bin Mansoor Bin Zayed al Nahyan Pvt Owners Cup, held in Abu Dhabi.

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Two winners by RO Shy Dandy and a third position by RO Centurión at Al Wathba, Abu Dhabi, UAE!

RO CASTAÑO 1° at 100 KM, RO ECLIPSE 1° and RO SHY MOON 3° at 120 KM!

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